This isn't just a t-shirt: What you're supporting

When I embarked on my journey with Learning Pirate, I envisioned a way to express gratitude towards the research centers and scientists who have not only guided my learning and development but also serve as the driving force behind vital brain research. Their tireless efforts lead to breakthroughs that advance scientific understanding and enhance brain health. This shirt symbolizes my commitment to giving back to those who have contributed so much to our collective knowledge and well-being.

Baycrest Rotman Research Institute

This year I am proud to donate proceeds to Baycrest and the Rotman Research Institute. The hospital that took care of my beloved grandmother for years in her later age and the hospital that took me under their wings to mentor me.

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  • What it represents

    It's a symbol of your membership in the worldwide Learning Pirate crew and movement. This crew is committed to championing brain science and human sciences, pushing for advancements in how we learn, teach, and approach learning design.

  • Wear it with pride, comfort and style!

    These shirts serve as a means for me to spot my crew amidst the crowds facilitating connections, shared learning, and the exchange of experiences amongst the Learning Pirate crew.

    And these shirts are made really well, so they're super comfy as well as being really cool looking!